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Excel Tables

Excel Table

An Excel table is a great way to manage database information in a familiar spreadsheet format. There are many benefits of working with tables in Excel to manage data.

  • Tables automatically update when you enter data in a new row or column
  • Excel forms make data entry easy
  • You can add new rows by pressing Tab
  • Column headings are always visible
  • Data analysis benefits
  • Formulas stay consistent across all of your data
  • Graphs will automatically update to include all of your data

Creating a table

It is quick and easy to create a table

    1. Select the cells that your need to include in your table
    2. Place your cursor anywhere in the data
    3. Press Control + T
    4. Tick the box for My Table has headers
    5. Click OK


Your data will now be displayed in a table



TIPS and



You can create a table by selecting the Insert tab, then the Tables group, then Table


Name your table

Excel automatically names your table, such as table1, table2 etc. The table name will display in the Name Box, making it easier to navigate.

1. Select Table Design > Properties > Table Name, type in your table name